Why Websites Must Adapt AMP

A significant portion of a brand’s online reputation is affected by reviews. For example, if current employees post King Kong agency reviews, it generates brand awareness. Job seekers trust reviews because of the general perception that reviews are authentic and credible particularly if they are based on the personal experience of an employee.

Web developers must fully implement a responsive web design that can be accessed on any device regardless of its screen size. Google has officially unveiled its mobile-first index. It is very likely that a notification from Google Search Console was received because some websites are officially being enrolled in the index. Mobile-first index takes precedence over the traditional desktop index. Google will serve the most appropriate results based on the device that is being used to search.

In order to encourage web designers to implement a fully responsive web design, Google has created an open source initiative that leverages on stripped down HTML files. This will ensure faster and mobile friendly copies of web pages. This is called Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP as distinguished from the lighting-bolt symbol in mobile search results.

The choice to adopt AMP for websites is based on the webpage speed which is a ranking factor in Google’s desktop and mobile indexes. Conversions can decrease by as much as 7% by a 1 second delay in web page speed. There are also rumours that AMP will be used as a ranking factor in Google’s mobile-first index.

AMP essentially strips down HTML copies of existing web content for faster loading time than standard HTML5 documents. Pages that include AMP code contain 3-step AMP configuration that includes stripped down HTML and unique mark up of traditional HTML code with unique tags, JS is used to fetch resources but stripped down to eliminate unnecessary rendering and CDN is adapted to AMP code immediately.

Tech talents certainly know what they are doing when it comes to mobile-first index. This is the likely reason why there is lots of King Kong online agency reviews posted; employees want to influence tech candidates in choosing the digital agency. Inside information on management support and excellent work culture can be very encouraging to job seekers.