Want To Improve Your Web Design Skills? Check Out These 6 Effective Tips

Have you just recently set up a new company and would like to make the leap to taking it online? Well, if you are, you should know that designing a website for your company is very challenging. Not only would you have to consider all the ideas that are thrown at you, but you would also need to balance the expectations of all the people involved in your business.

You have the option of hiring a professional to design and create your website for you but if you wish to do the job yourself, what you should do first is to learn and improve your web designing skills. Follow these effective tips on improving web design skills.

  1. Use grayscale as a base for design before you add color. If you want to avoid ‘overdesigning’ your website, you should first set your wireframe into a grayscale visual design. Afterwards, you can proceed to add photography and color one at a time.
  2. Make rapid prototype pages using Keynote. If you want to create mockups or rapid prototypes of different web pages, landing pages or call-to-actions, know that you don’t have to use Photoshop because you can also do that using Keynote, or the Apple version of PowerPoint. Keynote contains many templates for wireframing, prototyping and more.
  3. Place social media icons at the footer. Why is this important? Well, think about it. You have just convinced a potential customer to enter your website but by placing social media icons at prominent places like the header, you’re already inviting them to leave.
  4. Skip the carousel. This trend is outdated and while it may provide some useful information, users don’t spend enough time on the page to see all the details and images.
  5. Simplify the navigation. Doing this would enhance user experience. It can also help guide people to the most prominent features of your websites.
  6. Plan effectively. Before you start out designing your website, step away from the computer first and write down all the important information and details that you have for your design. Create a blueprint and make sure that your website complements the type of business you are engaged in like offering services like teaching English overseas or selling products online. Planning effectively can help you bring out the best in design.