Useful Tips On How To Make A Website Load Faster

Having a website is very important for small businesses in order to generate online brand awareness. Many consumers prefer to search for products and services online instead of going to physical stores. For example a wedding couple who is planning for an outdoor wedding will search for the website of wedding marquee hire in Sydney to check whether their products are suitable to requirement.

However, having a website is not enough. It is important to ensure that the pages load quickly. The recommended loading speed is two seconds or less. People are impatient and when a page loads slowly, they leave immediately. Furthermore, Google ranks site according to their loading speeds.

Sites are usually slow because there are many HTTP requests. They can be minimized by combining the requests; but before doing so, it is important to understand the requests to figure out which ones to reduce and which ones to merge. Avoiding images on the site is also another way to minimize HTTP requests. If the site requires images, a good thing to do is to combine a variety of them so that they will not affect loading time.

A minifying external script is often used by web developers to help the site load faster. These external scripts will include pop-ups on the website, Facebook pages, comments and blank spaces. The way the scripts are positioned is important because anytime the page loads and encounters a script; it will load first before the page.

If the script is positioned at the beginning of a page, page loading will be delayed because the script will be loaded first. Because of this, the script is positioned at the end of the page. Loading will be easier and faster. Content can also be compressed to improve the loading time of the site.

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