Tips When Designing An E-commerce Website

If you are a frequent online shopper then you might have experienced seeing ads appear on search engines with a promise of lower price. You click through the site enticed by the offer only to close the tab in instant. There are instances where you might find a haven website because of its look and design but still does not proceed buying anything after having asked to perform complicated check out instructions.

If you are planning on making an e-commerce website, remember that the looks is not the only thing that matters but it is one of the factor in a online business’ success. It is essential to understand that customers are looking for quick service wherein they find what they are looking for and pay for it within a few minutes. If this is the case, the website will have a higher amount of sales. In order to say that a website has a quality design, it must be able to fulfill that requirement.

Here are some tips when designing an online web store:

  • There should be an option for the customer to use the filter in order to make the browsing and selection process faster. Filter for the clothing size is important for stores selling apparels because shoppers might like something only to find out that the size they are looking for are no longer available.
  • If there is a filter option, there must also be an option to remove certain selections for the filter. This way the customer need not go back and use the filter again.
  • The search bar must be located at the optimum part of the page. Many shoppers are inclined to use the search bar especially if there are hundreds or thousands of products on the list. This is easier than browsing.

Make sure that you keep count of your stocks and indicate labels on items that are out of stock. If you are selling movie costumes, they are known to be in demand and always out of stock. Make sure you put the right label so you will not the customer’s time by cancelling.