The Growth Of Cross-Border Trade Between The US And Canada

Regardless of how products are ordered and purchased, cross-border trade is reliant on transporting shipments on time without any unnecessary delays. Trucking has become an essential service for both the United States and Canada to support their industries. Success is expected to those who work in the logistics sector that effectively navigates between the two markets.

In spite of the shift in the global political landscape, the long-standing history of cooperation between the US and Canada in cross-border trade has continued. The two countries rely on each other for trade and security. Businesses in both countries are an extension of one another even if there are separated by an undefended border. Growth in the US translates to growth in Canada and vice versa and is expected to continue into the future.

The importance of technology in seamless border transfers

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly wreaked havoc on US and Canada industries but the cooperation between the two North American countries has allowed seamless border transfers without congestions. When delays occur, the usual reason is paperwork. Shipment documentation must always be in proper order with all the necessary information on the commercial invoices and processes.

The combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and human intervention will ensure that issues are identified before border arrival. A lot of cargo is moved across the borders and technology must be used in processing documents to easily address anything that pops up that requires clarification or corrections.

Another factor that must be prominently addressed is potential security concerns. Logistics and trucking providers must work closely with both the US and Canadian customs to make sure that that there is no contraband in the shipments. Border security must be taken seriously to protect the supply chains. There are border security programs like Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT), Partners in Protection (PIP), Customs Self-Assessment (CSA), and Free and Secure Trade (FAST) that ensure safe and secure transit of goods.

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