The Growing Popularity Of Reviews As A Powerful Marketing Tool

Everyone can publish a review online particularly with the growing number of 3rd-party review sites and social media platforms. Many businesses recognize the importance of customer reviews which are a reflection of the experience with the brand’s products and services. However, the big problem is not all reviews are authentic instead, they sometimes contain false information about a company.

What must a company do if a fake review is written about its product? Responding to reviews whether authentic or fake is pretty straightforward. For example, if the fake review was published in Google Reviews, the company must sign in to the Google account to find the review and respond to it.

Negative reviews cannot be removed by the company; however, Google removes reviews that do not meet the requirements of User Contributed Content Policy. A review can be removed if it contains hate speech, fake comments, spam, illegal information, conflict of interest, and many more. If Google unknowingly misses the fake review, the company can flag the review so that Google can check the content and remove it.

Due to the popularity of customer reviews and their importance in local search engine rankings, companies are using their customer’s opinions as a powerful and highly effective marketing tool.

You can watch king kong marketing reviews on YouTube to gain more information about the digital marketing agency. Review videos promote the brand to a wider audience particularly to consumers who prefer to watch videos instead of reading text. Videos are more entertaining and can easily increase online exposure for a business.