Setting Up An Online Store

Entrepreneurs who are interested but do not have an idea on starting an online store will find this article very useful. Below are a few websites that can help in creating their very own online shop without huge investment and a basic knowledge of the internet. Hiring a professional web developer can be costly but with the help of various online shop builders, it is now possible to make one.

Almost all of these online shop builders offer business owners many options when it comes to function such as the payment method that is used by the company and the various delivery choices. Stocks which are used to be handled manually can now be handled automatically.

The following online shop builders are perfect for business owners on how to start an online store with only a thousand products offering or less which means these options are fit for small and medium sized businesses. These tools are applauded because of the ease of use and automatic system when it comes to ordering. Various payment and delivery options are also available and it can also be integrated with many social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to cater more customers. The best thing about these online shop builders is that only cost between 0 to 30 dollars for one month. The only downside is that business owners do not have the option for an online shop that caters in different languages.

  • Shopify. This is the most versatile option since beginners will be able to create their own shops without a fuss while professionals can make changes however they like because of its flexibility. There are many functions that can be added into the shop however the owner like. Shopify have the ability to accommodate your business even if it has grown fast. The only deal breaker is that you will have to transfer if you want to take your business into a more global scale since the web stores are not available in various languages. Interested entrepreneurs may try Shopify for free within 14 days.
  • Squarespace. It offers various plans depending on the number of products you are going to sell. The higher the plan, the more functions available. One good thing about Squarespace is its option for blogging while the down side is limited options when it comes to payment methods.
  • Weebly. This web store is perfect for those starting business with only 5 products or less. The good thing is that selling 5 or less is free. If you have more products then you can pay for a business package. The best thing about Weebly is its ease of use and simple process when setting up. This is perfect for beginners with no programming background.