Incorporating Agency Reviews In Your Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are huge platforms now for a brand’s online marketing strategy, because it attracts a huge market of people who are both passively and actively coming across your posts.

Besides your regular updates and promotional materials, it would be a good idea to integrate customer reviews into your content plan for your various social media channels.

Here are some tips for incorporating user reviews into your content:

Different content for different platforms. Since Instagram is a more visual platform, you may want to share your satisfied customer’s review with some eye-catching visuals. Twitter, on the other hand, would do with a short but effective pull-quote coupled with an image. These are basic rules to follow in social media marketing, but it would be wise to remember these as well when choosing how to share feedback.

Perhaps more important is knowing your market. If you have a younger demographic on Instagram than on Facebook, then you might want to get a younger respondent’s feedback on that platform

Give feedback to feedback. Publicly thank a satisfied customer, or share additional insights about your product to highlight what made them happy. Additionally, social media allows for other users to comment on your posts, so if they comment on someone’s review, respond to them, too.

Get creative. If a respondent is willing, you can go the extra mile and ask them to do a video testimonial, like customers filming King Kong agency reviews for YouTube. Or you can expand a customer’s story in your next blog post or newsletter.

User feedback is an important deciding factor for people to purchase a product, and when it is shared on your brand’s social media page, it establishes credibility and shows that you value your customers.