How to Draw Your Own Map

Now that you know what country, continent or city that you will be making a map on, you can now start drawing your map. Here are some guides when drawing.

  • Outline the landmasses. If you have already made the decision regarding the details on your map, you should now have a good idea of the landmasses that you will be drawing and what their sizes are. You can start with a rough outline with the use of straight lines when sketching out the landmasses. When you are already satisfied with the outline, you can review it once more in order to create a detailed outline which will depict borders and coasts. When you outline your landmasses, consider where the tectonic plates are. Keeping this in mind, you can form a more realistic map assuming that you draw it from your imagination. You can also add other details like islands, peninsulas, deltas or inlets to the main land masses.
  • Add the waterways. It will be directly assumed that the area surrounding the landmasses is bodies of water. However, you should consider adding in other small bodies of water or small waterways. These include canals, bays, rivers, seas and lakes. You can also include streams, coves, ponds and creeks if your map is that detailed. If for example a small body of water is important, you can choose to mark it on your map and make a note that it is already out of scale.
  • Add important details to your land masses. You may or may not add plenty of details on your land masses. The details that you will consider should be dependent on the style of your map but it will normally need a little detail to it. Consider placing mountain ranges, plateaus, forests and deserts. You should also keep in mind the weather patterns and add rainforests, swamps, jungles, coral reefs or tundra all throughout the map.
  • Place countries or counties. This will be another style of map that you will be making. However, it is best to keep in mind that it is typically helpful to add outlines for territories and add major cities. Map illustrations will also help in visualizing the place.