How To Deal With Bad Reviews Of Your Business

Negative reviews hurt, not just emotionally, but also financially.

Every business has to know how to deal with them, though, as negative reviews are pretty much the cost of doing business. Businesses can also do something about them, and negative reviews aren’t necessarily bad.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Bad reviews don’t mean that the business is bad.

The first thing to keep in mind for negative reviews is to not take them personally.

As your business grows, so do the number of reviews you get. In turn, this means that you’ll be getting more and more negative reviews.

Remember, that your business isn’t for everyone.

The thing is, for your business to be the best for someone, it has to be bad for someone else. That could be the root of a negative review: you’re not a bad business, you’re just a bad match for that customer.

That’s fine.

A bad review is a chance to shine

Businesses make mistakes, it happens.

That’s an interesting opportunity, though. If you handle the mistake really well, then your relationship with the customer will be even stronger than before. It’s called the ‘service recovery paradox’, where people feel more satisfied when service failure is handled beautifully compared to if it never happened in the first place.

The customer might just be having a rough day

Let’s be honest, everyone has bad days.

On those days, we’re more likely to lash out at others, which means that we’re more likely to write bad reviews. Sometimes, that bad king kong agency review is just a customer having a bad day.