Guide In Making The Best Portfolio Website

For an artist or a designer, one of the most important things they need to have these days is a portfolio website. This is a venue for you to show off your sample works, map illustration or artworks. You may be good at what you do but it does not mean that you are also good in web design. This is when you need professional advice on how to create a portfolio website with the best layout. This guide will help you as you learn the basics of creating website portfolio.

We, as humans, tend to look at what other people are doing and copy them if we think they are getting positive results out of it. This is not the same with website design because you can’t just visit random websites and copy whatever they are doing. The main purpose of a portfolio website is to showcase your personality and uniqueness as a person therefore it should start with a unique website. This way, visitors are given the impression that you are unique as soon as they land on your page looking to hire your services.

Your website is one way for people to reach you but if you do not provide contact information or easy means to contact you then these clients will not try very hard locating you. Make sure that your homepage contains important information about how to contact you or a link to your personal social media pages. Not everyone thinks email is the best way to communicate so make sure you can be reached in various avenues.

People are more likely to hire someone with a strong personality and this should be evident in your website. Do not forget to allot a small space for personal information about you. A brief background with a professional photograph of you is one way to connect with clients. They are less likely to contact a website owned by someone they haven’t seen on photos or corporate websites with no specific person to contact with.

No matter how good your map illustration, it will be useless if your website loading time is very slow. No one is willing to wait more than a few seconds just for a page to load. Therefore, put some effort into making sure your portfolio website is within the recommended loading speed.