Creating Dynamic Web Pages Through Javascript

If you are searching for solar panels on the web, it is very likely that you will find solar on the Gold Coast on the first page of Google search results. Solar panels are now the trend because it has the potential to harness the unlimited energy from the sun to replace power generated from fossil fuels. Homes using solar power are saved from the high costs of electricity.

Meanwhile, in web design, JavaScript is very popular and adopted by every web browser because of the support that allows dynamic content to be executed on a web page. JavaScript is a standalone programming language that was developed by NETSCAPE and not a part of HTML. Initially, JavaScript was developed to support browsers with the feature of asynchronous communication, browser control and user interaction with web page components. Aside from integration into web browsers, JavaScript became very successful worldwide when Microsoft added the technology to its own Browser Internet Explorer.

Contrary to what many people assume, Java and JavaScript are not related. JavaScript is a scripting language that was written for scripting of web pages at the client side while Java is an object-oriented programming language. JavaScript is typically used for dynamic web pages because of its fantastic functions.

An HTML page is an example of a static web page that can become dynamic through JavaScript. Web pages with special effects and many types of graphics that can leave a lasting impression on web users can easily be created using JavaScript. The flash content of a web page can easily be executed in the web browser when JavaScript is enabled.

If there is a need for a contact or a registered form that a user fills out with information, JavaScript can be used for validation purposes instead of server-side scripting languages. JavaScript also supports external applications like PDF documents, running widgets and flash applications.

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