Beautiful Stone Bathroom Tiles Taking The Centre Stage In 2018

Are you wanting to add beautiful stone bathroom tiles to make your favourite space breathe with new life? One may fully understand that it’s no small decision to upgrade the tiling of your bathroom. In this article, we highlight the hottest designer tiling trends that dominate the year 2018 for inspiration.

  • Daring Patterns

Do you want to be bold? Insert some confidence into your home with a patterned tile to make a spectacular kitchen backsplash or contrast a white bathroom. If you’re not ready for a complete spectrum of colours, opting for stone bathroom tiles with neutral colours like white, black or grey is a good option. You can fill in the bathroom with colours through decors and even modify the pallets depending on the season.

  • Black Brickwork Tiles

Despite what you may have heard, subway tiles are still a hip with the inclusion of the 2018 iteration of leaner, longer and a lot of darker shades. Many interior decorators choose texturized tiles in black to make subway tiles an intense look. Add some brickwork pattern with white grout, and gold and black cabinetry for a sensual look.

  • Large and Artistic

Huge stone bathroom tiles were featured in the 2017 Cersai Trade Fair, the largest bathroom tile and ware exhibition shown in Italy. What you may see in the lobby of a luxury hotel is now feature in many homes. Tile sizes of different varieties are made from materials such as cement, stone, marble and terrazzo. You’ll definitely be seeing artwork pieces.

  • Cement-look Floor Tiles

Cement flooring has been around for several years now, but with tiles you can create a bold design with less embellishment. The stone bathroom tiles will look best on the dining, kitchen, laundry, foyer and bathroom areas. The cement tiles will also look great on unconventional industrial centres.

So, find huge, stunning stone bathroom tiles in some tile showrooms. They have more options for your home use. You’ll definitely be amazed at how the format displays look. Just know how to choose the tiles from providers, so you’ll have a beautiful tile design that is worth the expense.