Why Your Website Should Utilize CSS

Building a website for a technical logistics company is not easy because it should be planned carefully in order for the end result to be a success. It should look professional with all the features working smoothly and the design should help in conversion. This is why this article tackles the importance of CSS or Cascading Style Sheets and why it should be used in a professional website.

First, CSS is a web design tool that it used to control a website’s layout and it goes hand-in-hand with HTML which is responsible for the content. There are versions of the CSS – the embedded one and the separate CSS. Any future changes will be made easier when using a separate CSS file while an embedded CSS entails that everything will have to be reviewed including the HTML file it comes along with.

CSS, just like any other website tool on the internet, has changed a number of times since the original introduction. The latest version available is the CSS3. The best thing about this latest version is that it is supported by majority of web browsers unlike the other versions before it.

There are a few disadvantages when using CSS such as the website’s layout can be controlled better, the file size is much smaller because it saved separately from the HTML structure and when the file size is lower it means that the bandwidth is also lower which results to a faster loading website.

CSS comes with editors called validators to make sure there will be no grammatical errors concerning the check code. There is also cross-browser tools used to check the compatibility of the website in different browsers which eliminates the need to do it manually. There is a way for the bandwidth to increase and that is to reduce the CSS file size using compressor tools. This removes any unnecessary elements such as blank spaces and indentations.

When working for a website of a technical logistics company using CSS, there are two things you should make sure to avoid. First, do not name an element based on its physical attribute but rather its purpose. Secondly, do not avoid making comments because it can be helpful at the end when revisions are needed.