Why Web Designers Returned To Hand-Coding Their Websites

Like other businesses, companies that provide your trucking in Kitchener need a website so that the business can be found by potential clients. Without a website, a trucking company misses the opportunity to deliver their message through content. Besides that, consumers expect online presence because it affirms their credibility and professionalism.

Back in the days when people begun using browsers to search online, web pages needed to be carefully coded by hand usually in a rudimentary text editor like notepad. It was just a white background where code can be manually typed. There was no slick interface or syntax highlighting.

There were no amazing resources like Search Engine Journal, Stack Overflow and CSS Tricks online that will answer every question. Even if they existed back then, search engines were not as advanced as expected. They are not indexed enough for users to find them.

Creating a web page requires a lot of hard work but code was generally efficient and clean. Since everyone wanted the process to be faster and easier, it was improved significantly through the addition of features like syntax, highlighting and code completion.

Eventually, there was WYSIWYG which is a software application for web design where text graphic elements can be positioned where you want them. The software also writes HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript which are very essential for a website to function.

Web designers started to migrate to WYSIWYG editors because of its simplicity and the ease of which a website can be created. However, simplicity came with a price. Final websites looked amazing on the front end but not the back end. This resulted to web pages loading slower. Sometimes, the web pages displayed or functioned incorrectly in one or more browsers. When web designers realized this, they started to return to hand-coding their codes in order to produce cleaner codes that will load more quickly.

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