Why Law Firms Must Have A Responsive Website

For legal firms like Donich Law, having a website is not just an afterthought but a necessity. A website establishes credibility and trust among prospective clients. Most clients will start the search for a lawyer online before paying a visit to the office. Clients consider the website as their best source of information to help them make confident decisions.

The best approach for a law firm’s website is responsive web design that responds to a user’s behavior and environment based on the size of the screen, platform and orientation. In the development of responsive websites, there is a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and the use of CSS media queries.

When a user switches from a desktop to a smartphone, the website would automatically switch to be able to accommodate the device’s resolution, image size and scripting abilities. When a law firm has a responsive website, it eliminates the need to have a different design for each new gadget that is launched in the market.

A combination of CSS media queries and CSS transitions are used in responsive web design. The premise is when you use media queries in designing responsive websites that adapt layout based on browser width, the browser will constantly have to be resized to see how the website performs. Every time that a query kicks in, there would be a jump between the first style and the second. The trick is to use simple CSS transitions to smoothen the jump by animating the resize.

There are also techniques in displaying data tables that can be quite wide. A user has to zoom out to be able to see the whole table but the problem is text will be too small to read. Text could be readable by zooming in but then, the user has to scroll vertically and horizontally to browse the table. The solution is to reformat the table for better readability or display a pie graph from the data.

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