Why It Is Ideal To Choose Full Truckload Shipping

It is common nowadays among the logistics business to be lightning-fast because businesses do not want to disappoint consumers who expect fast delivery. Furthermore, shippers also follow risk reduction practices so that transportation of goods will be done successfully. Thus, a lot of businesses have found full truckload shipping as their solution. It has gained popularity in various industries because of the many benefits it provides, both to the businesses and consumers. To know its benefits, read on.


  • Full truckload shipping promises a faster delivery. Although you can spend less with Less Than Truckload (LTL) — another means of transport that allows carriers to pay only for the space used during the shipment, you cannot decide on the time of arrival of your goods. With FTL, your goods will be shipped as soon as they are loaded to the truck, making the shipment quicker than LTL. The driver will no longer wait for other freight loads and the shipping will be continuous. As assured by Titan Transline, a reliable trucking company based in Ontario, Canada, the delivery will move directly from the loading point to the destination without any stops along the way.
  • Sending goods from one place to another takes time and effort. This is why a number of merchants of sensitive goods take advantage of full truckload shipping because the entire trailer is dedicated only to them. Products from other merchants are no longer accommodated inside the trailer. Therefore, the goods will be shipped with lesser risk of damage.
  • FTL transport can be more affordable than LTL. Although it was mentioned that you can spend less with LTL by paying only for the space used by your goods, FTL becomes more cost effective if the shipment is done by bulk and has only one place of origin and destination. Non-stop transit means less expenses on gas and fees. There is also a low probability of the truck getting worn out.

It can be confusing to choose between LTL or FTL. You can contact Titan Transline to see a good range of logistics solutions and get professional advice for the shipment of your goods.