Why Client Side Scripting Makes A Site Unusable For Some Users

Client side scripting is executed on the user’s server instead of the web server. JavaScript is an example of client side scripting used to add attractive features to web design. However, there is often a problem when JavaScript is used because according to reports 6.5% of users do not have support for the scripting language. The proportion of users that do not support JavaScript is very likely to be higher in developing countries and experts suggest not using client side scripting whenever possible.

If the use of client side scripting cannot be avoided, it is important to ensure that the site will be usable without browser scripting support. If the site can be usable to all, it will maximize the potential to access the site no matter the browser used. Users who have disabled JavaScript on their browsers including those who are using assistive technology will be able to access the site.

Sometimes, web designers cannot avoid using scripts because they add optional functionality to a site like validation of user input. Should this be required, the script must be hidden from users that do not have scripting support to ensure that it will still be fully usable.

The fewer the number of scripts files that a user has to download, less HTTP requests will made which certainly cuts down on the bandwidth needed. It is a good idea to combine code into a single script particularly when they contain related functionality or if the browser specific version of JavaScript file was written as a separate file. When scripts are combined, the default settings of Internet Explorer and Firefox can be used to download a maximum of 2 files at the same time from the site which will take up less download slots.

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