What To Expect From Orthodontic Consultation

Setting a schedule for your orthodontic appointment is the beginning of your journey towards aligning a crooked set of teeth. It can be a little scary especially when you have no idea about what to expect on your first meeting with your orthodontist. To prepare you and put you at ease, here are some guides.


  • Once you step inside the clinic, an admin staff will welcome you and ask you to log in. He/she will give you a form to fill out for your personal information. If you have been mailed by these forms at home, you should complete them and bring them to the clinic. After which, the treatment coordinator will take you to the doctor. The consultation can last up to 30 to 60 minutes. You may click ExeterOrthodontics.com to set up your appointment online.
  • If your dentist referred you, the orthodontist will take a look into the referral and have the consultation completed. If not, the orthodontist will communicate with you about your teeth. This is also your opportunity to let them know if you have underlying dental issues.
  • When the examination of your teeth is done, the orthodontist should discuss what will happen next. In some cases, doctors do not proceed to any treatment because the patient does not need it as of the moment of consultation. It is good for children to have their teeth and jaw examined as early as possible. This will determine if they are likely to experience dental and oral problems when they grow older.
  • Your orthodontist may also put off braces treatment when he finds some hints of jaw disorders, gum problems, and oral health that needs improvement. These issues require proper correction before you can get your orthodontic appliance. If this happens, you have to wait for your next consultation. You also have to listen and follow your doctor’s recommendations. You may be asked to see a specialist to fix your dental issues. While you have to wait for your treatment, you can visit ExeterOrthodontics.com to learn more about orthodontics and the type of braces that suit you.