What to Consider When Designing Multilingual Websites

If you plan to offer content in your website in different languages, this may add several layers of complexity to your web design. Translating the articles will only be your first hurdle. When you structure a multilingual website, it can be very difficult. In order to help you get it right the first time, here are some tips that you can follow.

  • Get translated. This first step is not in any way related to web design but it is still important. When you want to offer content of your website in different languages, it is recommended that you should not rely on translation software. It is still the best option to get yourself a human translator. You can choose a paid service or a community driven translation platform like Native. It is best to hire humans since they have a better knowledge of local vocabularies as well as the subtle nuances of the different languages.
  • Present language options. A website which is categorically labeled as a multilingual website is just useless if it does not have the ability to change the languages. Oftentimes, you will find that these multilingual websites will use a dropdown which is typically situated at the top right portion of the page. You can also find switchers near the footer. Whatever pattern you may choose, ensure that the dropdown can be easily seen and accessed.
  • The use of flags. Flags usually indicate a country and its language. However, this will totally depend on your preference. There are some designers that are not big fans of using flags when switching language. They contend that the use of flags represent the country and not really the language. A country also can have more than one language. A certain language can be spoken in many countries. Visitors also might not be able to recognize the flag or some may be confused with similar looking flags.

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