What 2019 Has In Store For Web Design

Having a website does not mean that you should be complacent. In order to excel, one must always make sure that their content is also relevant and the website design and layout can keep up with the times. This is the reason why many businesses are hiring small business IT support because they know what should be done to make sure that a website stays relevant regardless of the number of competitors.

For 2019, it is expected that websites will be following their theme based on the Pantone color of the year which is living coral. In RGB code, the color is equal to 252 118 106. This is perfect for websites trying to give off a summery and airy vibe. It just need a little bit of turquoise to follow the color of the Caribbean beaches and palm greens to give off a tropical vibe.

We may be in 2019 but a trend from 2018 will surely be staying with website designs – scrolling story. This is one of the most effective means to keep the attention of the visitor on the website. It helps make things easier but it also add a hint of excitement as the audience will keep scrolling downward to see the content in its entirety.

Video is taking the Internet by storm and it is no surprise that it is tacking the website scene too. This is not a new concept though because thinking just about doing it brings back a lot of nostalgia. The difference this time is that the videos will become more interactive. This will give the viewers a way to interact with the videos they are viewing.

While hover effect is not new, this is considered to be popular trend in 2019. This means going back to decades ago but with a twist. Once the mouse is hovered over an item on the website, the response can be changed into graphical elements.

Lastly, it is the advice of small business IT support to not forget the unspoken hero of websites – the mouse cursor. With new trends, cursors can now be changed into something custom. This will help bring something new to the table while remaining trendy and hip.