Ways To Use Customer Reviews In Marketing

Online reviews are more important now than ever, thanks to how many people are online.

Any customer can share their opinion about a brand, which is important due to the fact that reviews provide social proof. Not using reviews in marketing campaigns is a huge waste as you’re basically ignoring the voice of your customers.

Here are a few ways to use customer reviews in your marketing endeavours.

Reviews on key pages

According to a survey from 2017, the vast majority (84%) put the same amount of trust in online reviews as they do to recommendations from friends and family.

That means that reviews can be a powerful tool for building trustworthiness and credibility. Putting them in key pages like your home page, as well as other pages in your site that sees a lot of traffic, is a great way of showing people what customers think of your offerings.

Search ads

Search engines actually take into account what people say about businesses when ranking them.

Not only do reviews give a good indication of how well you meet customer expectations, but they also provide fresh, unique content at regular volumes, which improves your listings on SERPs.

Social channels

Letting your customers talk to undecided customers is one of the best ways to turn undecided visitors to your site into loyal customers.

People often check social media about things they like, so for products and services, they also look at social media to figure out what people are saying about brands. Not only is a review like a king kong advertising review good for promoting on social media, but it’s also a chance to communicate with people.