Ways To Turn Online Reviews Into Good Marketing Content

Online reviews are a powerful tool for businesses looking to bring in new customers. People are social creatures, who always looking for social proof before committing to a purchase.

Online reviews can be used as powerful marketing assets, but only when used right. Here are some tips.

Have a presence on major review websites

Before a brand can go about with asking for reviews from customers, they should first make sure that they actually have a presence on the major review sites.

Google and Facebook are the most popular options for these, so those are mandatory. There are other options, and they should also be investigated to see if they’re worth investing in.

Make it easy to leave reviews

There’s a lot of ways to ask for reviews, but the core idea is to make submitting reviews as easy as possible.

People believe that their time is important, so it’s all about making it as easy and convenient as possible for them to talk about a brand.

Be transparency

Transparency is becoming increasingly important to customers and users across the world. That means that, when asking for a review, the best thing to do is to be transparent about it.

Users want context and transparency as to why they’re being asked for reviews, as well as to be considered important and worth talking to.

Display the reviews in the right places

After getting good reviews, showing them off is the way to go.

Social media accounts and official business websites are great places to put up a king kong marketing review and the like. Once the reviews are there, the idea is to make sure as many people as possible see them.