Useful Tips When Designing A Responsive Website

It is no longer surprising for a flatbed trucking provider to have a responsive website. Responsive web design allows the user to access the website’s smaller version of what can be seen on a laptop or desktop. The website does not require any pinching or zooming to look good on the smartphone or tablet. The future is mobile and having a responsive website is a small price to pay to reach new customers.

Previously, websites were laid out based on a measurement called pixels. Nowadays, website designers have adopted the fluid grid. The grid sizes the site’s elements proportionally instead of one specific size. This makes it easy to size things for different screens because the elements will respond to the size of the screen. Rules for the grid can be set my modifying the website’s CSS and other codes.

It is important for responsive websites to be designed for both mouse and touchscreen users. If the website has a form that includes a drop-down menu on the desktop view, the form must be styled so that it would be larger and easier to press using the fingertip on the touchscreen devices. It is also important to consider the tiny elements like buttons that would be difficult to touch on the smartphone. It would be better to implement images, call to action and buttons that will display properly on all screen sizes.

The goal of responsive web design is better user experience. Most responsive websites condense the menus or navigation options into a button that can be opened through a single press. The menu may look expanded on a larger screen although it can be opened using a single button on a smaller screen. By modifying the site’s CSS and other codes, rules can be set to include or leave out certain elements. While it may take some time to set this up, users will absolutely like it.

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