Useful Tips When Choosing The Best Dog Brush For Grooming

Dogs with longer coats like sheepdogs and terriers are usually groomed professionally to get rid of tangles and prevent matting. Since most pet owners are working from home, they can handle the regular grooming needs. Making a choice for a dog brush for grooming depends on the dog’s coat and hair length.

The three most common types of grooming brushes are slicker, bristle and wire-pin. Slicker brushes are the best choice for dogs with medium to long hair and double coats like retrievers, poodles, bichon fries, huskies and American water spaniels. Slicker brushes have thin bent wires that are designed to remove tangles and knots from the top and undercoat without hurting the dog.

A soft bristle brush is the best option to smooth out the hair of breeds with long, thin and silkier coats like Maltese and Yorkshire terriers.  However, for de-matting and de-tangling long haired coats, you might need the wire-pin brush. Dog parents can use the soft bristle brush for daily grooming and the wire-pin brush whenever there is need for serious detangling. There are grooming packages that combine the two types of brushes.

There are other factors that need to be considered when choosing a brush that can groom properly. The brush must be ergonomically shaped to allow comfortable grip. There are certain types of brushes that are self-cleaning with retractable bristles for easy removal of fur that has been collected. Some dogs do not like to be groomed so that the best option is a brush that fits on the palm. It is less visible and won’t provoke any unnecessary anxiety on the dog.

If you are the parent of multiple dogs with different types of coats, you can opt for a combo brush that works well for a range of long coat types from curly to heavy. The soft nylon bristle brush on one side can be used for basic daily brushing. The other side is a wire-pin brush for serious de-tangling and de-matting.

Make sure to choose the best dog brush for grooming that will make the experience comfortable and soothing or the pet. Do not make the mistake of choosing a wrong brush because it will make your pet dislike the sight of brushes.