Tips For Improving Your Dental Practice Website

In the age of the Internet, ensuring that you’re properly represented online determines whether you stay afloat or not. Whether it’s a company like Apple, or a medical practice like Affordable Dental Solutions Limerick, having a good site is of paramount importance.

Dentistry, in particular, wants to avoid the ‘old school’ look and feel. This is due to the fact that, when people think of old school dentistry, they think of pain and displeasure, the things that turn people off from visiting a dentist. That’s why you should work to ensure that your practice presents itself in a simple, clean, trustworthy, and modern way.

Here’s a few pointers to keep track of.

Exude trust signals

All the fancy modernity of a good site isn’t going to matter if a potential patient doesn’t trust your brand enough to actually come in for treatment or consultation. Sure, these ‘trust signals’ don’t directly factor in when it comes to online rankings, but they are the lifeblood of your practice. Make sure that you present yourself and your practice as trustworthy, respectable, and approachable.

Plan ahead

Making a website that works isn’t exactly an impulse endeavor; it requires a fair amount of planning and forethought. You need to know what your brand is about, and what your site will be about before working on it, as that’ll be the core of development. If you’re a bit lost, it’s not a bad idea to consult the sites of other practices, like Affordable Dental Solutions Limerick, to get a good idea of how this all works.

Ensure that it works

And not just on browsers on computers. With tablets and smartphones becoming more and more ubiquitous, ensuring that your site runs well on multiple devices will help ensure that you’re not missing out on potential patients. What you want is a ‘fully responsive’ site, which a lot of designers should be able to handle no problem.


There’s probably nothing patients find more annoying than having to look for a practices’ contact information. This is, of course, an utterly asinine decision; if you designed a site to bring patients in, why make it hard for them to come in in the first place? Make sure that contact information, alternate online accounts, address, and other key info are easily noticeable on every page, so people can immediately get in touch the moment they make up their mind.