Tips For Dental Website Design

With the age of the internet putting information at people’s fingertips, making sure that your orthodontic group is well-represented online is more important now than ever, regardless of whether they handle High-quality braces for adults or just simple arts and crafts. These days, when people want to find out something about a business or a company, they don’t call, they just ask Google.

That’s why it’s important for orthodontic practices to have a well-designed, effective site. The site will attract people interested in your services, generate leads, and ensure that the practice stays practicing.

Here’s a few pointers.

Be thorough

Remember how we said that people ask Google to find stuff for them?  Well, that’s that key thing. If you want people to know about your practice, then making sure that they’re informed about the services you provide is key. Make sure your site is thorough, and well-informed, but also easy to digest and attractive. All the useful information you have won’t matter if you can’t hold people’s attention.

Have the following as a minimum:

  • Location, operating hours, contact information
  • Identity, credentials, and qualifications
  • Services offered
  • Whether or not you accept insurance, and what kind, if so

Make sure it’s easy to use

Being thorough is great and all, but one should also make sure that the site is properly organized, and easy to navigate. People should be able to scroll through your site and find stuff without needing a guide or even needing to pause and think. Easier navigation means that patients find the information they need. If they’re asking about High-quality braces for adults, make sure they get it in just a few minutes. Visible drop down menus, intuitive navigation bars, and anything that helps sort content is a good idea.

Show yourself to the world

Put an ‘About Us’ page up. Make it feel nice and friendly, so that your patients know who they’re dealing with, and give a good first impression. The human element matters here, so biographies, and pictures of you and every dentist there, with an office picture to show staff and hygienists.

Customer testimonials matter

Don’t be afraid to ask customers to review your services. Not only do they tell you where the issues that need to dealt with are, the good ones can be used to build trust. There’s a reasons like Yelp matter, after all. Customer opinion, word of mouth, and reviews can have a huge impact on your practice. Don’t forget.