The Major Components Of Responsive Web Design

It is extremely important for a law firm to have an online presence because it leads more clients to the door. By having a responsive website, the law firm won’t miss potential clients who prefer to use a mobile device to search for a lawyer. If the law firm wants to present itself as the best in the area, the website must perfectly wok with mobile browsers.

Responsive website design works on all devices regardless of the size of the screen or resolution. One of the components of responsive website is flexible layouts that is capable of dynamically resizing to any width. Flexible layouts do not use fixed measurement units like pixels or inches because fixed values have too many constraints.

Using flexible layout alone may not be enough. There are instances when the width of browser viewport is so small that even scaling the layout proportionally will create columns that are too small to effectively display content. When layout is too small or too large, text may appear illegible and layout will start to break. The solution is media queries to ensure a better user experience.

Media queries are built as extensions to media types that are typically found when targeting and including styles. Media queries will provide the ability to specify a different style for an individual browser, device circumstance, viewport width or device orientation. When uniquely targeted styles are applied, it can open an opportunity and leverage to responsive design.

An equally important aspect in responsive web design involves flexible media. When viewport begins to change size media won’t always follow suit. Images, videos and other media types have to be scalable so that their size will change as the size of the viewport changes. Media will become scalable by using max-width property with a value of 100%. This will ensure that viewport will become smaller and media will scale down according to the container’s width.

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