Stay Home Orders Unable To Stop Domestic Violence

What is the role of the assault lawyer during a global pandemic? Everything right now is uncertain but lawyers must stay prepared to address the needs of clients and protect their rights. Legal issues are many and complicated and clients need the skills and experience of a lawyer for the necessary legal advice.

Before the pandemic, people living with an abuser and feels unsafe can call a help hotline, police, friend or family member when the abuser is at work or away from home. With stay home orders imposed by states, the abuser hardly leaves the home long enough for a call to be placed to the authorities.

According to domestic violence shelters and advocacy groups, there has been a noticeable drop in the number of calls during the first few weeks of social distancing guidelines. There are instances when victims of abuse reach out for help through emails or text but abusers have ways to surveil mobile phones and computers while at home.

The financial disruptions caused by the pandemic makes it more difficult to escape an abusive household. It is common for victims to have economic ties with the abuser particularly if the victim has lost the job because of the pandemic. It is also difficult for a victim to leave the children with the abuser.

Experts are also worried that the lockdown is leading to an increase in the number of child abuse. Several states have reported that child abuse cases are on a downward trend but it does not necessarily mean that there are fewer cases of child abuse. Since contact with therapists, doctors and teachers has been cancelled, there is no way for a child to report violence. No one outside of the family can detect bruises and other signs of violence because everyone is staying home.

According to the assault lawyer, there is a surge in the number of calls related to the pandemic. People are asking the advice of lawyers regarding assault, sexual abuse and child violence. It appears that the pandemic and stay home orders have not stopped people from inflicting pain and damage on others.