Programming Languages Used In Responsive Web Design

After reading king kong advertising reviews in online platforms, it is very likely that your next step was to visit the website. Have you ever wondered why the website that you were able to access using your mobile phone is the same as what you view on your desktop?

Website development has become so advanced that developers can use multiple programming languages and tools to create user friendly responsive websites. However, there are so many options that choosing the best programming language must be done carefully.

The most popular and powerful programming languages used today are PHP and Java. PHP is a server-side scripting tool that is based on HTML. The platform is very popular in building dynamic web pages and responsive websites while following the best practices of website development.

Since PHP is exceptionally fast and productive, it is usually the choice to create responsive sites that will perform efficiently on multiple operating systems. Meanwhile, Java is a cost-efficient platform that is more suitable for larger and enterprise-grade web development.

Java has the best security features that makes it the better alternative for data exchange in a client’s server. Java may not be as fast as PHP but it is the perfect choice for larger projects and high-end web apps.

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