Marketers Should Avoid Using These Overused Web Design Trends

You might have web pages with good performance but it could be a victim of bad web design. The most important factor to consider when making a website is to create a compelling design for the users. As soon as the visitor lands in your page, it only takes an average of 50 milliseconds before they have their first impression of the website. Designs will play an important role in the decision making of users on whether they will stay on the site or leave. Here are some overused trends that marketers should be wary of using.

  • While you might not believe that it is first on the list, the truth is that sliders do not benefit your side. In fact, it can hurt your design overall. One of the goals of marketing companies is to point to the viewers the way they can provide a solution for their problems. They can easily be distracted from achieving this goal if there are a lot images that distract them. You may be trying to give relevant messages but the key is to make the audience focus only on the main value of the site. Visitors are in search for answers thus they landed on your page and not because they want to view a slideshow of images.
  • Annoying pop-ups. Pop-ups should be used wisely in order to encourage visitors to subscribe or to engage. This should not affect the overall user experience as well as overthrow the marketing tactics. Users should see pop-ups at the appropriate time and they should have an easy method of closing it if they desire to. Mean pop-ups are undesirable and it could offend or annoy the user.
  • Auto-playing videos. If you want your visitors to stay, do not surprise them with unexpected videos playing in the background. They should be able to choose whether they want to watch the videos on the site or not.
  • Different mobile sites. This is mainly done because many thinks that they will be able to rank higher in Google search engine when it fact they could be penalized for having a separate mobile version.

Marketing innovation is important thus it should be practice. Website owners can start by making sure that these overused web designs will not be utilized by their marketers for the sanity of the users.