How HTML, CSS And Javascript Work Together In The Creation Of Web Pages

The three main technologies that are used in the creation of web pages include HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML can be considered as the skeleton that gives the web page its structure while CSS is used in the application of visual styles. JavaScript is the scripting language used for more complex web designs with interactive functionality. These three technologies have to work together to ensure that the web page has structure, style and interactivity.

The browser knows how to interpret the three different technologies. HTML marks up content according to different structural types like paragraphs, lists, blocks, images, tables, forms, comments, etc. CSS is used to tell the browser how the each type of element will be displayed. The way elements will be displayed may vary according to media, screen, print and handheld device. JavaScript tells the browser how the web page must be changed in response to events that happen like clicking on something or when value is changed in form input.

The important thing to remember is HTML is for structured content whose visuals are formatted through CSS. Different HTML tags can describe the structure for content but since each tag has its own meaning, it should only be used in accordance to its meaning in its proper place.

It is also important to separate the three technologies meaning JavaScript and CSS must not be placed on the HTML file but in separate files called in by the HTML pages. Separating the technologies and keeping styles and functional codes in one place has its advantages. The files become more logical and simple and they can be easily managed particularly if there are changes in the future. Web design also becomes a lot easier to work on for different user agents that may include handheld browsers or audio browsers.

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