How To Apply Colour To Texts And Borders

Colour is one of those things that web designers experiment with when developing a website. By using CSS, there are many ways to add colour to HTML elements to achieve the look desired. Everything in HTML can have colour applied to it like texts and borders. The colour property defines the foreground colour of an HTML element in content while background colour property will define the element’s background colour.

Colour property is used when drawing text or any text decorations like the addition of under or over lines, strike-through lines and more. Text shadow configures the shadow effect that is applied to text. An option to shadow is shadow base colour that can blur and blend with the background based on other parameters.

Text decorations can use colour property as their colour. To apply a different colour, text decoration colour property can be used. Text emphasis colour is the colour that is used to draw emphasis symbols that are adjacent to each character in text. Text emphasis colour is usually used when drawing text in East Asian languages.

Every element is a box that has some sort of content with a background and border in addition to the content that the box may have. There is a set of colours that can be used for the box’s borders from the borders section in the list of CSS properties.

Background colour can be used in areas of an element that has no foreground content while column rule colour can be used in drawing a line separating columns of text. Outline colour is the colour used to draw an outline round the outside of an element. The outline will be different from the border because it does not have space set aside for it in document so that it may overlap other content. Outline colour will be used as a focus indicator.

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