From Static To Dynamic Web Pages

Have you ever wondered how your favourite digital agency’s website has been designed? Web pages are created using HTML. Traditionally web pages were static and consisted only of text and images. Today, modern websites have interactive content or dynamic web pages.

Dynamic content is added to web pages through scripts that consist of a set of instructions executed under certain conditions. Web scripts are used to turn a simple HTML page into an interactive page that users can interact with instead of simply looking at images and reading text. For example, the colour of a button can change when the user moves a pointer over it during complex interactive online games.

You can find web scripts in two places – the client-side or front-end and the server-side or back-end. Client-side refers to the web browser that is used to view a web page while the server side refers to the computer server that hosts the site. An example of a client-side script at work is when you add a product to the shopping cart and the total updates automatically. Since the client-side script is part of the web page and runs on the computer, the contents will not be visible unless you know where to look for it.

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