Even Website Design Follows A Certain Discipline

The word discipline when used in web design means to learn the craft by following rules and a code of behavior to gain better skills. Designing websites whether it a simple page or a complex application relies on a wide range of design disciplines.

In the early days of the internet, text was the only thing that websites can deliver until art was created from ASCII characters. People liked it because it gave life to static websites. Gradually, things started to improve and now the web is inundated with streaming videos and complex animations that can be delivered through a wide range of devices. While text remains to be the main method of communication on the web, the practice of web design focuses largely on how printed word is presented and how the hierarchy of information is navigated.

Visual design or graphic design is one of the design disciplines that focus on the creation of attractive images. Under the visual design umbrella are logo design and iconography including marketing materials. In many instances, these are the most difficult challenges for the designer because it has to gain a good impression from a visitor.

The easiest way for web designers to get involved is through the design of the interface. The user interface is that part of the website that user’s interact with. The design of interface usually includes design patterns for navigation, forms, maps and many more. The design process here is the common ground for the web designers and the front-end developers.

In the user interface design, the web designer needs to understand the options that will fit the patterns that have already been established by the application and how they can be coded within the limitations of the browser and the software stack. The interface design touches a wide range of design disciplines which the web designer must be familiar with.

Web design disciplines may be different to the type of the discipline that is imposed on the workplace but there is one thing in common; it is a systematic way of planning. For an entrepreneur, to improve discipline it must be practiced regularly so that it will eventually become second nature.