Different Approaches To Responsive Web Design

It is very likely that you have across a King Kong marketing review online particularly if you are searching for a digital agency. Your next step is to visit the website to learn more information about the digital agency. By having a website, the company reaches more clients. A website provides them with a clear idea of what they can do and how clients can benefit from the expertise of the digital team.

However, it is important for a website to reach audiences that prefer to use their mobile gadget to access the internet. In the early days of web design, pages were designed specifically for desktops and laptops with particular screen size. Today, there are different screen sizes and resolutions and the concept of responsive web design was introduced.

Responsive web design is a set of practices that allows web pages to change their layout and appearance according to screen width, resolution, etc. A number of approaches were developed so that mobile devices can display full websites similar to their desktop version. The resolution-dependent layout is one of the approaches developed that requires JavaScript to detect screen resolution and load the correct CSS.

Another approach is a media query that will enable the type of layout to switch using CSS. instead of a single layout for all screen sizes, the layout will be changed. Sidebars can be repositioned on the smaller screens or an alternative navigation can be displayed. There is also another technique of using fluid images.

However, it is important to understand that responsive web design is not a separate technology. The set of best practices or approaches has to create a layout that will respond to a mobile device so that the user can view content. Designing responsive websites has become easier particularly with modern CSS layouts that are inherently responsive.

Why does a digital agency need a King Kong marketing review when it already has a website? Marketing reviews gain more qualified leads because they are influenced by what clients post online based on their personal experiences. Reviews are very important because people want to be more confident about their buying decisions.