Designing A Web Page Through HTML, CSS And Javascript

A client that posts king advertising reviews usually expects the digital agency to respond to the comments. A response means that the digital agency pays attention to the opinions of its clients. A better option is to share the review on the website to increase conversion rates.

The concept of designing a website can be pretty intimidating but there are technologies used to create content like HTML. Instead of using programming languages to perform functions, HTML uses tags to identify different kinds of content and their purposes on the web page.

Every web page is made of elements with HTML tags like header tags, sub-header tags paragraph tags, image tags, and so on. By using HTML, you can add headings, format paragraphs, control line breaks, make lists, create links and special characters, emphasize text, insert images, build tables, control styling, and many more.

While HTML provides the raw tools to structure web page content, CSS helps in styling content so that it will appear in the way that a user wants. CSS gives a web page colour, background images, and interesting fonts so that it will become a powerful marketing tool. For complex and powerful functionalities, a web designer can use JavaScript which a more complicated language than CSS and HTML.

By responding to king kong advertising reviews, the digital agency gains a forum that allows it to interact with consumers. Prompt responses will improve review ratings and volume that increases traffic to the website. Interaction with consumers provides a brand with increased visibility and exposure.