Have A Better Website Design With SEO

For businesses to flourish online, a website that is well designed is very important to build their online presence. If the website of a certain business does not do well in search engine rankings then it might not have enough traffic and could lead to revenue loss. If you want to make sure that the website you are creating is search engine friendly, take into heart the following tips in designing with the help of SEO.

  • The navigation on your website should be search engine friendly. This is not good news for websites that are using Flash because search engines do not do well in crawling with sites that are Flash powered. Unless you have the knowledge to make the objects in Flash easier to access and easier for web crawling then you should not employ Flash at all. If you want the same fancy effects that Flash can provide, you have other search engine friendly options such as JavaScript and CSS.
  • During coding, make sure that the JavaScript and CSS are not included in the HTML document. Your code should be formatted as <script type=”text/javascript” src=”myscript.js”></script>. Search engines are designed to look at the website based on what is included in the HTML document. If CSS and JavaScript are not placed in an external medium, it might affect the crawling speed of the search engine because of the added lines of codes. To get a higher ranking, search engines should be able to go through the content of the site as fast as possible.
  • The content of you website should be readable to the search engine spiders. The structure should be well thought of such as the links, paragraphs and headings. During the design stage, content should be planned ahead because majority of the websites that have very little content are struggling in terms of search engine rankings.
  • If you have pages in your website that you do not wish for the search engine to index then you should block it. These are pages that have no effect in the content of the page. One example is the server-side scripts.

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